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Business conditions are defined individually and it depends mainly on the distance between the offtake points and the dispensing terminal of our contractor (Bratislava, Kľačany, Kapušany, Lobau), the manner of payment, the volume of fuels, regularity and volume of respective orders. Own tanks (benkalor) or cisterns for fuels storage are the condition of cooperation for wholesale supplies.

Our portfolio includes

  • Diesel fuel - class B, D, F (quality pursuant to STN EN 590)
  • Arctic fuel
  • Premium diesel fuel
  • Motor petrol - SUPER 95 (quality pursuant to STN EN 228)
  • Motor petrol - SUPER 98
  • Premium motor petrol - SUPER 95
  • AdBlue

Motor Petrol

is used as fuel for petrol engines. Depending on an engine design, a manufacturer prescribes so called the octane level of petrol. An octane number reflects petrol performance in combustion. The company Solar 2009, a.s. distributes unleaded petrol SUPER, called SUPER 95.

Diesel Fuel

is a fuel for compression ignition engines with internal combustion. In our climatic zone, diesel fuel is delivered in three types (classes) which differ by a cold filter plugging point.

Depending on the season, respective types are available:

from April 15, to September 30, - diesel fuel - class B (summer)
from March 1, to April 14, and from October 1, to November 15, - diesel fuel - class D (temporary)
from November 16, to February 28 (29), - diesel fuel - class F (winter)

Contact details

Solar 2009, a.s.
Piešťanská 3
917 01 Trnava
Slovak Republic

phone: +421 33 24 00 108
fax: + 421 33 24 00 109

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Company ID No.: 50 248 685
Tax ID No.: 2120271241
VAT No.: SK2120271241

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Tatra banka, a.s.
Account number: 2949019938/1100
IBAN: SK4211000000002949019938

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